Latest news:

11/03/17 - A big thank you to local artist Trcia who has been voluntarily decorating our proposed interim tea-room with life sized murals of nature scenes which are simply amazing. Please come and see for yourselves. Also a big thank you to Ness from Digihouse Ltd. for voluntarily designing our new service leaflets. 

06/03/17 - Our thanks go out to a local resident who made and donated a wonderful insect hotel to put up in our wildlife habitat area. On a similar note, thank you to AA Tree Surgeons for the much needed delivery of free wood chip.

‚Äč28/02/17 - A much needed lift today and we are very excited to hear from local business and Sutton's own Berries garden Design with news that they have nearly completed an artist 3d impression of our nursery garden plans. We look forward to having this up and on display very soon. It is fantastic that a local business is freely supporting our community project this way and we are extremely grateful for such backing.


25/02/17 - A big thank you goes out to the group of volunteers from IRFF International Relief Friendship Foundation for giving up their Saturday afternoon and their their volunteered efforts in helping us tidy up and clearing storm damage. We look forward to your return in March.

23/02/17 - Storm Doris destroys our main triple span polytunnel. To say we are rocked by the set back does not capture the feeling, but I will try to find words to describe it once I get my head around the damage.

15/02/17 - We are working hard improving the visual appearance of the nursery and its green spaces for the local public to enjoy this spring and summer. Come and take a look sometime soon.

01/02/17 - I can confirm that we will still be pressing ahead with our plans to have a park cafe as part of our community project at Seears Park Nursery, and that this will now hopefully take place within the grounds of the nursery itself later this year.

20/01/17 - After continued meetings and discussions with the council and local councillors and over five years of developing plans, we have regrettably withdrawn from the process of seeking to convert the derelict Quarry Cottage into a par cafe. Instead the council will push ahead with plans to turn it into two flats for social housing.

04/01/17 - We are back from our Christmas break and determined now to make this year the one that counts. Look out for news of plans for new projects we hope to undertake this year.

18/12/16- A big thank you to all three classes from Eaglehouse School for the amazing efforts they have put in this term at the nursery. We wish you a merry Christmas and look forward to working with you again in the new year.

16/12/16 - Our first term of working with a school group of learners exclusively made up of wheelchair users has come to an end and we are proud to call it a success. We look forward to working with Sherwood Park School and their pupils again in January.

05/11/16 - The funding opportunity from IncludeDesign has lapsed and we are faced looking at revising ways to fund our Park cafe project aspirations. Negotiations with the council are still ongoing.

01/9/16 - We are now open to the public on Saturdays from 10.00 - 16.00 and 

Mondays - Thursdays until 17.30 hrs.

31/8/16 - We were recently featured on!  To read the article click here.

 Training, Leisure and Supported Therapeutic Activities in horticultural environment.

Imagine a place where local people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race or ability, are openly invited to get involved, in helping to make a long neglected space at the back of a local park, into a series of interconnected walk through gardens for anyone to come and enjoy at their leisure.

That is the vision of our community project - to transform the disused locked away council nursery at Seears Park into an open and inclusive one.

In the spirit of the John Seears Trust, our aim is to create a unique environment for the benefit of the wider community that is a calm therapeutic and complimenting space to the park environment, but to do it by engaging the manpower and goodwill of local volunteers, service users, local schools, other community groups and organisations and local businesses.

YourspaceSutton is what we call that space - a social enterprise and unique community project. 

 Championing social integration by striving to make the nursery a hub of community activity.