- A place where people of all abilities can flourish

​- A space where people can unwind and be inspired

- A facility for the community that invites people to visit, participate and create ​

- A place that encourages and equips youngsters and volunteers with practical skills and offering pathways into work

- A green space where people can connect with each other, the environment and sustainable practices

- A training, educational and recreational venue where urban biodiversity is championed ​

- A place that promotes healthy living, imparts skills and instils self confidence

​​​​- To open up gated gardens for the benefit of the local community

​- Promote horticultural learning, knowledge and skills

- Encourage the people of SW London to engage in horticultural pursuits

- Improve the health and well-being of local residents through green activities ​

- Work with schools to promote environmental awareness among young people

- Work with people of all ages to open up income and enterprise opportunities ​

​- Manage and develop Seears Park nursery for and with local communities

Belief:   - We believe that horticulture can enrich the lives of everyone
Vision- All communities enjoying the learning, leisure and working opportunities that nature offers
- To give the communities of South West London a green activity space where they can play, learn and develop


Aims and Objectives