Work Based Horticulture Skills Provision

A course to help you to develop the personal and work-related skills that could enable you to progress into further learning, accredited training or supported employment, or enhance your independent living skills. Choose from 20 specialist units to develop the kind of skills and ability that are of interest to you. By taking units in areas which you enjoy, you will also boost your confidence.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for learners of all ages looking to develop a wide range of personal, interpersonal and work-related skills. Those who struggle with focus or in a classroom environment, find working outdoors with nature and in our training nursery to be calming, peaceful, enriching and very rewarding. This is a valuable stepping stone for anyone who might find the prospect of taking a qualification too daunting. Designed to allow individuals to progress at their own comfortable pace. It also offers a good progression route into accredited training for those seeking it.

We also deliver City & Guilds qualifications and further Horticulture qualifications which help open up further pathways. The certificate achieved is proof that you have the right skills to do your job well – a quality so many employers look for. You can be confident your training is delivered by Trainers with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record in delivering recognised qualifications to people with a wide range of abilities. 

Yourspace.compost is an award winning organisation for their commitment to learning. ​Our courses are engaging and rewarding, and can lead to a whole range of fulfilling outcomes including; happiness, knowledge, progress, prosperity, inclusion, achievement, purpose and well-being, - the ethos behind the design of our logo.   

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Alternative Provision / Work Based Learning