The nursery and grounds are constantly in a state of community development being improved for community access and use. The following plans are some of the projects we hope to target with the help of volunteers and the local community. 

  • Renovation of the Heritage Lavender rows
  • Plotting out and design of 12 Community Garden spaces.
  • Erection of a 30ft Pergola scented walk
  • Fruit Cage Garden
  • Raised Strawberry trough
  • The Keyhole Garden
  • The Herb Wheel
  • An educational working Shaduf irrigation system
  • The Nursery Garden
  • The Socially Integrating Community CafĂ© + Garden
  • The Ornamental Grass walk
  • The Willow Igloo
  • The Aspen Elevation
  • Wildlife Woodwork
  • The walk through Greenhouse
  • The Sensory Garden                                     ...............  and further community led choices.