What We’re Doing

Imagine a place where local people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race or ability, are openly invited to get involved, in helping to make a long-neglected space at the back of a local park, into a series of interconnected walk through gardens for anyone to come and enjoy at their leisure.

That is the vision of our community project - to transform the disused locked away council nursery at Seears Park into an open and inclusive one.

Bee Hive Project 2018 - To create an educational Bee Hive facility with an up-close observational hive in one of our walk-through community garden plots.

Heritage Timeline project - Volunteers are researching the history of the nursery and its adjoining areas to create a timeline which will show the history of the area and connected interesting links past and present, to help recognise and celebrate the legacy of what John Seears bequeathed to the people of Sutton

Tunnel Vision Project - To turn one of the derelict polytunnels into five community new enterprising spaces offering a wide range of services to the local community