​YourspaceSutton is a Community Project based at Seears Park Nursery in Sutton that is the socially driven arm of Yourspace.compost Landscape and Gardening services. 
We are developing the old nursery at Seears Park with local community groups and volunteers who in turn access training, leisure and therapeutic activities in horticulture and in a calming peaceful and natural environment.
We champion social integration and inclusion by striving to make the nursery a hub of blissful community activity.


Founders Kevin Plicio and Garth Richards have years of experience working diverse groups and individuals and on working with various partner organisations on different horticultural and garden projects across London and Surrey. 

Our aim is to develop the nursery at Seears Park into a lasting fully integrated community asset as set out in our aims and objectives, where each new project benefits another.

In the spirit of the Big Society, we believe that our social enterprise and inclusive projects can realise our vision and promote an environment where 'Communities are growing together'.

Our ethos is that no-one grows for their own individual needs or consumption, but where all efforts are pooled together. Everyone puts in some time or effort that is socially and community driven and eventually takes something different back out. Someone sows a seed and someone down the line reaps the harvest.