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Here at yourspacesutton we always have so much going on! Whether it's a weekend event, a new addition to the park, a new themed garden, a new addition to the community of people who work with us, keep updated on our ongoing project!

Sears Park is an inspiration.I went to see it yesterday and I was so impressed at how it is developing.So many beautiful plants (some for sale) and projects under way. There is a lovely calm peaceful atmosphere there and the enthusiasm and passion by those who run it and the volunteers who work there is second to none. It will be lovely if it can be developed further as proposed as it would be such an asset to the community.


Suzan Cassi,


We’re fortunate enough to be located in a wonderful tucked away nursery at the back of Seears Park, Cheam. Our ongoing community project sees numerous changes and projects every week, meaning no two visits are ever the same! 

We visited the gardens and café over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! Great to see a community project in its current state with amazing plans of what it will become with the help and support of local businesses and residents. We'll be back


Katie Nixon


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