Training, Leisure and Supported Therapeutic Activities in horticultural environment.

Imagine a place where local people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race or ability, are openly invited to get involved, in helping to make a 
long neglected space at the back of a local park, into a series of interconnected walk through gardens for anyone to come and enjoy at their leisure.

That is the vision of our community project - to transform the disused locked away council nursery at Seears Park into an open and inclusive one.

In the spirit of the John Seears Trust, our aim is to create a unique environment for the benefit of the wider community that is a calm therapeutic and complimenting space to the park environment, but to do it by engaging the manpower and goodwill of local volunteers, service users, local schools, other community groups and organisations and local businesses.

YourspaceSutton is what we call that space - a social enterprise and unique community project.  Championing social integration by striving to make the nursery a hub of community activity